Back to School program for Parent's.

We are looking for local parents who want to jump start their fitness and set an awesome example for their children.

START DATE = Sept 13th! Space is LIMITED.

Maple Valley/ Covington's First Ever Parent's Only CrossFit Class.

You do not need to be in good shape to start.

This program is designed for beginner and the intermediate.

Here's what you get:

  • 3 cutting edge workouts per week to help you jumpstart your fitness. (Mon/Wed/Fri @ 7pm)

  • Nutrition guidance so you can fuel your workouts for the best result possible.

  • A professional coach who leads you from start to finish at each and every workout.

  • Learn how to workout properly while, increasing your energy levels, improving your mobility, gaining strength, and losing body fat.

  • Before and after body scans (body fat and muscle mass test).

Just a few of the AWESOME parents setting great examples for their kiddos Crossfit Devotion.

Hannah, Mom of 2

Bob, Dad of 1

Chantel, Mom of 2

Wade Dad of 2

Awesome Crossfit Devotion parents!

Amanda, mom of 2

Lindsay Mom of 4

Roxy, Mom of 4

Brad, Dad of 2

Carissa, Beka, Ramona and Cherrie, all awesome Mamas!


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